Seasonal Learner Insurance – How To Drive This Winter

With winter well and truly here it’s that time of the year again where people need to consider how the cold weather, icy roads and dark conditions may affect their driving and their car.

Learner insurance means you can drive at anytime anywhere, but with the winter months comes shorter, darker days, as well as more hazardous conditions. Knowing how to best drive during the winter period and how to maintain your car will be what keeps you safe as you practice. No point in having any accidents just before Christmas!

Take our quiz to find out how much you know about winter driving, you may even learn a tip or two.

Learning to drive over the winter period is not the easiest time to learn. Those early morning lessons are even more of a struggle than normal and you have to deal with rainy, icy and even snowy conditions.

Learner Insurance does allow you practice at any given time so being tactical about when you practice is important. We recommend practising between 12 – 4 pm, that way you avoid the rush hour traffic and you’ll have access to as much sunlight as possible.