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InsureLearnerDriver | May 21, 2019

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The Driving Test, It’s a Piece Of Cake

The Driving Test, It’s a Piece Of Cake
George Trout
  • On October 16, 2015

Whether you choose to celebrate with a big party, a small gathering, a birthday meal or a night on the town, it’s likely you’ll mark the occasion with a cake.

For decades people have been celebrating events with this light and fluffy dessert, and for decades we’ve been loving it.

‘BakerDays’ are an online ‘personalised cake’ company, based in Nottinghamshire. They provide consumer designed cakes that can be delivered to your home. What really sparked up our interest were their designs which celebrate passing your driving test.

We caught up with the team at ‘BakerDays’ to discuss their business and their cakes.

Who Are BakerDays?

a photo of a small cake, blue balloon,  a birthday card, a cake tin and a leaflet from baker daysCan you tell me a little bit about how ‘BakerDays’ got started? What was the desire / inspiration to start the business and start baking?

‘BakerDays’ was founded by Andrea Guzyova and greeting card entrepreneur Alan Hawkes, whose passion for cakes (mainly eating them) is only exceeded by a knack of creating the perfect design for every occasion.

Cake is always at the heart of any great celebration and the aim of ‘BakerDays’ is to make that celebration even more special and unique by providing a personalised service.

What do you think makes ‘BakerDays’ stand out from other bakeries?

We use only the best ingredients in our cakes and combined with the uniqueness and vast range of designs we offer, you won’t find a better personalised cake!

Is there a company motto / ethos that ‘BakerDays’ strives to get across? If so, how do you achieve it?

We are so proud to be able to offer fresh and delicious personalised cakes, delivered anywhere in the UK, the very next day. The whole team here at ‘BakerDays’ are dedicated and hard working to ensure that we provide a first class service in all that we do.

What variations of cake recipes, fillings and toppings do you offer?

We currently have 6 delicious recipes to choose from across 6 different sizes. Our current range of recipes include: Vanilla, Belgian Chocolate, Fruit Cake, Half Chocolate and Half Vanilla, Gluten & Wheat Free and Dairy Free. All of our cakes come with a Buttercream or Buttercream and Jam filling.

How many different cake designs do you provide altogether? What are some of the most popular designs?

We currently have over 1500 different cake designs on our website, a number which continues to grow.

There are so many popular designs we wouldn’t be able to list them all, but we do try to keep them towards the top of their category listings for ease of viewing.

Driving Test Cakescross section of a baker days cake - driving test, it's a piece of cake

We see that you do celebratory cakes for many different occasions. You even have a category for passing your driving test. If I had a friend who passed their test, what is the process I would go through to get a personalised celebration cake for them?

You simply pop onto our website: and go into the “Driving Test Cakes” category down the left hand side list. Click on the design you would like, pick your size and recipe, then personalise your text and / or photo. Follow the rest of the on screen prompts to complete your order and payment, and that’s it!

And if you’re not so tech savvy, then it’s not a problem: you can give us a call on 01623 867160 and one of the team would be more than happy to go through your order over the phone.

How much does it cost to get a personalised celebration cake’?

Personalised Cake Prices from… 

a photo of a male blowing out the candles on a small cake

  • Letter Box Cake – 5 inch cake (£14.99)
  • Small Party Cake – 7 inch cake (£26.99)
  • Medium Cake – 9 inch cake (£36.99)
  • Large Cake – 12 inch cake (£56.99)

Prices are a reflection of their ‘Vanilla Sponge’ base. Prices do vary depending on selected flavours.

What Do You Think About The Driving Test?

Passing your driving test is a stressful process, so there is no doubt in our minds that a cake to celebrate passing would be highly appreciated! How important do you feel it is to celebrate passing and how would you choose to celebrate?

It’s so important to celebrate any achievement in life and passing your driving test is like any other milestone. We would definitely be sharing the moment with friends and family, as it gives you a chance to all come together and of course there would be a cake!

In your opinion, what is the best thing about passing your driving test?

It’s a great feeling when you pass, that you can just get up and go wherever you like, whenever you like. You now have a new sense of freedom and not to mention an excuse to have a big ol’ celebration!

We Just Thought We’d Ask

Apart from cakes, what is your favourite dessert?

We are all a big fan of chocolate here at the office, so anything super chocolatey, preferably in the form of a cheesecake!

We’d like to give a big thank you to ‘BakerDays’ for letting us poke our noses into their fantastic business and letting us interview them.

If you’ve been tantalized by ‘BakerDays’ and their personalised celebration cakes, let us know in the comments below.

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