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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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The Perfect Event for Learner Drivers – Our Day Visiting Kent

The Perfect Event for Learner Drivers – Our Day Visiting Kent
George Trout
  • On May 9, 2016

It was a glorious day yesterday at Kent’s Central Park Stadium, where we held our first ‘Learn to Drive with Parents’ Event. It was a pleasure to see all the happy faces of those who attended and we hope that everyone was able to learn something.

Conditions were near to perfect with clear blue skies, sizzling heat and acres of space to practice.

learner driver logo at kent event

Our professional ADIs (Gareth and Auriel) from ‘SLYDE Young Drivers’ – who we’d again like to extend a massive thank you to – constructed a large array of purpose built courses that we’re used to test our drivers on see key technical and safety skills. We had a 100 yard track for people to practice their emergency stop; a massive hill for people to get to grips with uphill and downhill starts; as well as a whole car park for people to practice various parking skills. Some of our staff even got involved – how often do you get an opportunity to practice driving with a qualified instructor, for FREE!

The award for most committed driver has to go to Leah, who totalled almost 3 hours of driving tuition! Originally arriving on the day having done near to no manoeuvre work. According to Gareth, by the end of the day she was doing all the manoeuvres with total confidence.

It was amazing to see the happy faces of both learners and parents, as they spent the day together bonding and having a laugh. The instructors also shared in the fun and hopped in the car to provide tips & advice.

The instructors were in top form and in full support of the day. They made a point of explaining to us after that when they normally run driving sessions, they encourage the learner’s parents to get in the car with them. That way they can get a feel for how their child drives and see first hand how to provide effective driving instruction.

Apart from leaving the event with new skills and a tan, attendees also left with a useful pamphlet

slyde young drivers at kent eventwith lots of helpful information; a copy of our brand spanking new ‘Young and Learner Driver’ guide (explaining all the benefits and possibilities for Young and Learner Drivers) and a few sweeties to tide them over on the drive back home.

All in all a successful day that has got us excited for the next event on the Sunday 22nd May at Hertfordshire’s Bovingdon Airfield.

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