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InsureLearnerDriver | October 17, 2019

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Pass Your Theory Test First Time

Pass Your Theory Test First Time
Paul Daly

October is an eventful month for the DVLA. This month we say goodbye to tax discs and the price of a driving theory test has now been lowered from £31 to £25!

This is great news for learner drivers, as it seems the DVLA are making a substantial effort to help drivers get onto the road as cheaply as possible. state this movement supports the aim of “reducing the cost of motoring and making the process of obtaining a driving licence as straightforward and economic as possible” Great news for those who have not yet got a driving licence.

So here are 8 tips to make sure you don’t have to pay £25 more than once…

1. Don’t underestimate practical practice

It’s not a good idea to book your theory test before any actual road experience as getting out there really does help you to get in the right mindset ready for your theory test.

2. Don’t just revise; take it in

If you simply recite the Highway Code it is only going to be harder to remember and when you do come to taking your driving test it may be reflected that you don’t actually know your stuff. Make an effort to find out the reasoning behind the answers so that they stick in your memory for before and after the test.

GET ON THE ROAD SOONER - group of young people jumping in the air

3. Put the hours in

It is a common rumour that the theory test is easy and just common sense so there is no need to revise. Take it seriously and put the hours of revision in so you pass first time and can then concentrate on passing your driving test.

4. Take a few mock tests

Taking a mock test can really help to see how ready you are and how much progress you are making from your revision.

5. Put yourself in the right frame of mind

You get 3 minutes between part one and part two of your test so make the most of this.

6. Revise on the move

There is a huge selection of theory test revision discs, apps and books out there so there is no excuse not to practice when your on the bus.

7. Hazard perception

Rumoured to be the most challenging part of the test, why not practice when your out and about. Whether you are walking along the street or a passenger in a car. Look at the road and imagine you are taking the hazard perception part of your test – you’ll be a pro by the time you take your theory test.

8. Remember to bring both parts of your driving licence

You will need the paper part of your licence (the counterpart) and the green card or you won’t be able to take your theory test at all!

To pass your driving theory test you need to get 43 or higher (86%) to but you must also get a minimum of 44 (59%) in your hazard perception test. However if you don’t manage to get this don’t be disheartened and let it undo all the hard work and money you have put in, on the practical side of learning to drive.

Book your theory test via this link and know that your theory test is booked properly for the right price

Good luck!

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