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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Lights, Camera, Driving Practice

Lights, Camera, Driving Practice
George Trout
  • On January 20, 2015

Self-reflection is a very important aspect of learning to drive. Simply having lessons and carrying out private practice without any reflection on what you need to improve on, may extend the amount of time you are learning for.

After each practice drive or lesson you should dedicate time to discuss how it went and note down the things that didn’t go so well. By noting down the things that didn’t go so well you can work on them next time.

Sometimes when learners are learning to drive, the time spent in the car can go by in an instant, in a haze of nerves and excitement. The emotions you have during driving practice can detract from the aspects that you should be analysing in order to improve and pass sooner.

Improving Driving Practice With An In-Car-Camera

A solution that will allow you to sit back and analyse how you are doing is using an in-car camera. An in-car camera can be easily fitted to any car and will record the windscreen and the vocals in the car. Viewing your practice from an external perspective will really help you to see how you are doing and highlight what areas you need to work on. For example, you may notice you are panicking, although when looking back you can see all is clear, or you may spot a few close calls, which at the time seemed fine, or your road positioning or speed might be sketchier than you thought.

Bring It On A Lesson Too!

You can also bring your camera to your driving lessons with your driving instructor (if they don’t already have one). Upon reviewing your lessons you may notice something recurring that your driving instructor keeps mentioning, whereas at the time you are too engrossed in your driving to notice. Take this feedback and make your driving practice more fruitful and effective

In-car cameras are often used by individuals for insurance purposes, so that if any incidents were to happen, it would be quickly resolved with the video evidence. However, they are a great learning tool and if passing your practical test is something you are struggling with, maybe this is something to consider. Here’s our top pick and it’s so cheap you can buy a few!

a photo of an in car camera courtesy of Amazon  Amazon: £13.65 

  • 2.5″ 270 Degree Rotary Screen Car CMOS DVR Digital Video Recorder Camcorder
  • High resolution audio & video recording


Get a quote for extra practice and give an in-car camera a try! 

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