What The Appearance of Your Car Says About You

When a car becomes your own, it’s very common for it to become, almost a part of you.

After the passing of a few months, simply glancing at the appearance of your car could reveal more about you than you’d even know. So, we’ve compiled a list of the most common types of car appearances and what they say about the owner!

Meals on Wheels


You’re the person who suggests the drive thru at any given time. You live your life on the go, your car is your kitchen. When you’re driving somewhere, only one questions pops into your mind – is there a Maccys on the way? You don’t see your car as just a means of transportation, but a magical way that you can get the food you want, whenever you want it. And for that, you absolutely love it.


Too Many Accessories


You’re someone who likes to make their belongings their own. You don’t want your Vauxhall Corsa to look like every other Corsa, so you make the effort to customise it, to make it yours. It started off harmlessly, with one air freshener, then the next thing you knew, you were risking concussion from all the swinging ornaments hanging off your rear-view mirror! One things for sure though, your car is undoubtedly yours.


The “Organised” Mess


You’re someone who wears their heart on the floor of the car. There’s wrappers, crumbs, empty bottles and just about anything. If you disappeared and the police found your car, they could retrace the last 6 months of your life just by the contents. You may see it as organised mess, or perhaps everything else in your life is clean and tidy and this is your one place to let go. Just a word of advice – just make sure nothing is living in the mess!


Clean and Mean Machine


The inside and outside of your car is pristine. If you pick up someone else who wants to eat their sandwich during the ride, they can think again. One look at your car shows that you obviously take pride in your ride. Maybe you’re just a naturally tidy person, maybe it’s because your life is so hectic that you need a place of sanctuary. Either way, you believe in the mantra of; tidy car, tidy mind.


Stick With Me

The back end of your car is almost like a map of where you’ve been. We’re talking about stickers. You love a good freebie, and during every event you love to stuff your pockets with free stuff. Who cares what you’re promoting, it shows you’re thrifty and resourceful!


Lights, Dashcam, Action!



You love your car, and will not let anyone get away with hurting it. So, why not keep an eye on it at all times? Much like a baby monitor, you can keep track whatever Is happening around your car, just in case. It’s not that you don’t trust other people… Wait a minute, it might just be…

Oh What Lovely Headlights You Have… 

Some love it, some really, really, REALLY hate it. Owners who have chosen to do this to their car may have just innocently wanted their car to look as fabulous as them. Each to their own! As long as it’s not hurting anybody, we don’t mind it!

So what do you think of our list? Which category would you fit into? Is there any types of car people that we missed out? Let us know in the comments!

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