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InsureLearnerDriver | November 11, 2019

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Winter Driving For New Drivers

Winter Driving For New Drivers
Paul Daly

Winter driving can be a challenge for new drivers so to make sure you have the essentials packed in your car and the knowledge you need, we have put together this info-graphic to help you get prepared for heading out on to the roads this winter.

Get packing your car winter essentials:

– Foil blanket
– Flashlight
– Food and water
– Syphon pump
– Emergency phone charger
– Flares


– Don’t tailgate
– Don’t accelerate whilst turning
– Get your winter survival kit packed in your car
– Slow down
– Be careful when steering and breaking
– Get a car service for extra reassurance that your car is road safe for the winter


– Avoid loud music
– Clear all windows before starting your drive – no matter how long or short
– Concentrate on the roads – focus

Remember that winter driving is much different to driving in normal weather conditions and different driving skills and knowledge are needed. This infographic just covers the basics of winter driving so make sure to ask your driving instructor or an experienced driver that you know about how to deal with skids, ice and other conditions you may be faced with.

To build your confidence and challenge the winter roads before passing your driving test get a quote for learner driver insurance online today.

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