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InsureLearnerDriver | May 21, 2019

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Winter Driving – Are You Prepared?

Winter Driving – Are You Prepared?
Paul Daly

From torrential rain to Hurricane Gonzalo we have already experienced some extreme weather conditions this year. The question is, how do new drivers deal with winter driving in situations that they haven’t experienced before?

Recent research has uncovered that 71% of new drivers have never experienced any winter weather before passing their tests. This explains why 33% said they felt under-prepared when it comes to car control on ice-blighted roads. Even heavy rain is seen as a challenge to most new drivers, with 52% of young drivers claiming never to have had to deal with a storm before passing their driving test.

The problem is that many learner drivers are simply learning the basics, a then moving on to practice their chosen test route until the day of their test. However, during this time learner drivers may not experience a variety of weather conditions such as driving in the dark, high winds and icy roads.

It’s important for learner drivers to gain experience of winter driving during their learning to drive process so that they do not view extreme weather conditions and winter driving as a daunting challenge. Instead, they look at winter driving as something they can deal with confidently because they have had enough practice.

Become A Pro In Winter Driving

Pass plus is a great idea for those that may not have learnt to drive during the winter months. It is something that can lower insurance and help to improve driving ability.

Another helpful option can be to get a learner driver insurance policy. If you are teaming private practice with driving lessons then private practice can allow you to spontaneously hop in the car when and where you like, to gain as much road experience as possible before the driving test.

Source: Yahoo Cars

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