Worth It! – A Quiz For New Drivers Looking to Buy a Car

It’s easy to get caught up on price when buying a car, but the cheapest is not always what’s most worthwhile.

When you come to pick your car, don’t just go for the cheapest option. Evaluate all factors to find a car that’s best suited and most ‘worth it’ for you.

This quiz is ultimately just a bit of fun, but it has been designed to help highlight a few important purchasing points for a new driver, as well as test your knowledge about some typical young driver cars.

More than Learner Driver Insurance

Insurelearnerdriver want to do more than just provide learner drivers with learner driver insurance. We want to help young and new drivers even after the driving test and into the future. Take the test, it may give you something new to think about when you got to buy your own car.

Let’s break it down

When selecting a car there are a few things we recommend considering:

If you consider all the above, you put yourself in a better position when you enter the dealership. You’ll know what sort of car you want, and how you are going to get it.

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Know someone looking to buy a car? Why not send them this quiz too. They may also be interested in getting insurance. Our parent company Sky Insurance provide Young Driver policies, perfect for those who have just passed and want to or do own their own car.

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