Safe Young & Learner Cars - Renault Twingo vs. Renault ZOE

Jamie Daly - Nov 30 2016 12:00AM

It’s always reassuring to know you can keep yourself as safe as possible on the roads, which is why we created our list of '10 safe cars for Young and Learner drivers'. But if you were forced to pick between two of the cars on that list which would you pick? Today we're comparing the facts between two Renaults, the Renault Twingo Play 1.0 and the Renault ZOE Expression Electric.

Learner Insurance

There’s a considerable difference for Learner Insurance on these two cars. Considering the added technology in the ZOE, and the fact it's electric, which often requires specialist work and knowledge to repair, it's not surprising the ZOE's insurance is higher. ZOE’s monthly Learner Insurance cost is about £98, whereas the Twingo is only about £84. Get your own learner driver insurance quote - Click here renault twingo vs renault zoe Euro N-Cap safety compariosn Twingo vs ZOE

Euro N-Cap Safety Comparison

Young Driver Suitability

Since the Euro N-Cap tests were done in different years we’ve gained an estimated second hand price (via for each make and model, based on the year they we’re tested. Prices are also based on a vehicle with 30,000 miles on the odometer. A 2014 Twingo Play is estimated to have a slightly higher initial cost of £3,720 compared to a 2013 ZOE Expression, which is estimated at £3,220. Keep in mind though that the ZOE would be a year older and like we said about insurance, an electric car usually has a higher insurance premium. On top of the ZOE being an electric car its also an automatic, which makes repair jobs even more difficult and may further increase insurance costs. Because the ZOE is electric it does not have an MPG, so we've had to make an estimate mileage comparison based on it's 22 kilowatt battery. It's estimated the ZOE can do almost 149 miles per charge. Compare this to the Twingo’s lack luster 56 MPG and the fact there is zero road tax on the ZOE and you might just be swayed. Just be sure to leave yourself a few hours to get a full charge though. comparison of stats for the twingo and zoe

What's On Offer?


  • Technology – You definitely get more in the ZOE than the Twingo. Perhaps the only thing the Twingo has over the ZOE is a DAB radio, however the ZOE trumps it with climate and cruise control, Sat Nav and a built-in telephone all as standard.
  • Safety - Both vehicles provide ABS and traction control as standard, so you can feel very safe and in control during bad weather. An interesting added extra on the ZOE is that it emits a warning sound to unsuspecting pedestrians upon your approach.
  • Style – Both have extra strong, sleek steel wheels. They also both have a cloth seat trim.


  • Technology – Whereas the Twingo has no additional tech add-ons a review on Honest John states that the ZOE Expression can offer automatic headlight activation and interactive remote battery charging.
  • Safety – The only thing mentioned for safety add-ons in the Twingo is the option for an extra Iso-fix child restraint fitted to the front passenger seat. In the ZOE you can get parking sensors and hands free functionality.
  • Style – If you’re craving some alloy wheels you can get them on the ZOE, which is probably better than the Twingo’s attempt to mimic alloys.


Renault Twingo Auto Express - Extremely manoeuvrable, good looking, impressive rear passenger space WhatCar? - The new Renault Twingo is something of a maverick in the city car class. AutoCar - The car is fresh and appealing to look at and comes across as likeable and charming Renault Zoe Auto Express - Refined and relaxing drive, well equipped, spacious cabin WhatCar? -  The most recommendable electric car, with low running costs AutoCar - pleasing to drive, quiet, classy