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InsureLearnerDriver | May 29, 2020

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Young Driver Insurance, Everything You Need To Know

Young Driver Insurance, Everything You Need To Know
George Trout
  • On July 25, 2016

If you’re taking your driving test soon, good luck, we hope it all goes well.

We also thought we’d give you a heads up about being a Young Driver and what some of the common queries people have about getting insured as a Young Driver are.

Our sister site Sky Insurance has a number of policy options perfectly suited for all types of young drivers. Have a look for yourself; you might find the answers to your own questions!

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Can I get a comprehensive insurance policy if I’ve just passed my driving test?

Yes, of course. Sky Insurance has a number of insurance options that provide comprehensive cover to young drivers, with full licences, of all experience levels.

How do I start building a No-Claims Bonus with Sky Insurance?

When you take out a Young Driver policy with Sky Insurance, you will start building a no-claims history from that point onwards. Next time your policy comes up for renewal, our renewals team will be able to quickly discount you based on the number of years no-claims you have.

What is a Black Box policy and what does it monitor?

A Black Box policy (also referred to as a Telematics policy) is an insurance option where you allow a small device to be placed inside your car to record and rank the safety of your driving. The sort of things it looks at are your braking levels, acceleration levels, speed, location, and also what times of day you drive during. The safer you are, the better your rank.

How can I monitor if I’m performing well on my Black Box insurance policy?

When you take out a policy with Sky Insurance, you will receive access to our online dashboard, where you can find and review your current driver score.

I don’t intend to do more than 10,000 miles a year. Does this affect my insurance premium?

It can. With Sky Insurance’s Black Box policies, you can elect to limit the number of annual miles you intend to do. By doing so, you can lower the amount of insurance premium you pay.

What happens if I go over the number of miles I purchased with my insurance policy?

When you come close to your annual mileage limit, you will receive a warning via email, post or phone. You may then be required to purchase an increased mileage limit based on the annual mileage you now require.

When taking out your policy it is up to you to decide the mileage you will need. We recommend thinking about the sort of journeys you will be making and how often you will be making them in a month. Add up the monthly miles and times by 12. Always add on a little extra just to be safe.

How do I contact Sky Insurance if a have to make an insurance claim?

Sky Insurance has a 24 hour claims line for our customers to call whenever, and wherever they have an accident that they need to make a claim for. The details will be in your policy documents.

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If you are a Young Driver looking for your first or next insurance policy, download Sky’s Free ‘Young & Learner Drivers’ Guide by visiting the site – Click Here!

Have a look at the available options and when you’re ready for a quote call Sky’s Young Drivers team on 03303 331 256.

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