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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Show Me, Tell Me – The ‘Show Me’ Questions [1/2]

Show Me, Tell Me – The ‘Show Me’ Questions [1/2]
Tina Playle
  • On June 6, 2017

It’s vital to remember that the driving test begins before you set off on your drive.

The UK driving test is broken down into 5 parts. The eyesight check, the vehicle safety “show me, tell me” questions, general driving ability, reversing manoeuvre and the independent driving section.

The “show me, tell me” section of the test is where you’ll be asked 2 vehicle safety questions.

The examiner will ask you a total of two questions only.

  • One ‘show me’ question – where you’ll have to show them how you’d carry out a certain safety check.
  • One ‘tell me’ question – where you must explain how you’d carry out the check.

We have outlined all the potential questions so you can get your driving test to a positive start.

We’ll start with the ‘show me’ questions in this blog post.


‘Show me’ Questions – Inside the Car

All you need to do, is press the right buttons and perform checks that you’re already familiar with when the examiner requests it.

These checks will be performed usually from the driving seat of the car whilst it is stationary.

Remember, you may need to switch on the ignition to perform these checks, but don’t turn on the engine. 



“Show me how you would check that the directions indicators are working.”

 Switch the ignition on, but don’t start the engine. Apply the directional indicators or hazard warning switch to check the functioning of all indicators.



“Show me how you check the brake lights are working on this car.”


Switch the ignition on, but don’t start the engine.

Operate the brake pedal, make use of the reflections in your windows, garage doors or ask someone to help by standing outside the vehicle to check if they are working.



“Show me or explain how you would check that the power assisted steering is working before starting a journey.”



Before starting a journey, 2 simple checks can be made to ensure the power assisted steering is working.

Applying gentle pressure on the steering wheel whilst the engine is started, should result in a slight but noticeable movement as the system starts up.

OR turning the steering wheel just after moving off will give an immediate indication that the power assistance is functioning.


“Show me how you would check that the parking brake (handbrake) for excessive wear.”

Put your foot down on the brake pedal whilst applying the handbrake. If it secures itself after being fully applied, it is not at the end of the “working travel”.



“Show me how you would check that the horn is working.”


Turn the ignition on if necessary and press the horn (make sure not to overdo it).



“Show me how you would clean the windscreen using the windscreen washer and wipers.”



Turn the ignition on if necessary and operate control to wash and wipe windscreen.



“Show me how you would switch on the rear fog lights and explain when you would use them.”


Turn on the ignition, operate the appropriate switch and check the warning light shows within the dashboard.

Explain why you would use them.



“Show me how you would switch your headlight from dipped to main beam and explain how you would know the main beam is on.”


Turn on the ignition, switch between dipped to main and acknowledge the main beam warning light within the dashboard.



“Show me how you would set the demister controls to clear all the windows effectively.”


Turn on the ignition. Set all relevant controls including fan, temperature air direction and source, and heated screen to clear windscreen windows.



This may seem like a lot to take in, but remember, these are all checks you should know about already!

They all come into play in almost every lesson. If you are unsure or have forgotten, just ask your instructor to run through them whilst you’re on a driving lesson.

Our next blog post on “show me, tell me” questions will be about the ‘tell me’ section. Read it here. 

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