An Interview with Samuel L Jackson (Driving School)

Yes, you heard us, we’ve bagged an interview with the mastermind behind Samuel L Jackson Driving School, Sam Jackson!

Sam Jackson, a driving instructor of Southport, has found viral fame for his use of the learner L plate between his first and last name. He’s even had a phone call from his famous counterpart THE Samuel L Jackson!

We decided to get in touch with him to find out a bit more about his unexpected fame and what advice he has for all learner drivers.

Hi Sam! Tell us a bit about your driving school!

The driving school has been established for 25 years. We cover Southport and the surrounding area and have always prided ourselves in providing a quality service.


What’s the craziest thing that has happened because of the attention?

Speaking to Samuel L Jackson and appearing on Loose Women on the phone. He called me a “Cheeky Mother *******”, he was a very pleasant chap.


Have you made any modifications to your car since your rise to fame?

For a short while we had a sign saying “No snakes are kept in this vehicle overnight”.

What do you feel it is that you offer your students that other driving schools don’t?

We always aim to produce good safe drivers where passing their test is a by-product of their training.

We try to encourage our learners to get involved with advanced driver training by integrating some advanced techniques where appropriate.

It’s our responsibility as instructors to not only train them to pass their test, but to become a better driver overall.

What is the best advice you can give to other learner drivers out there?

Listen to your instructor’s advice. You have chosen an instructor to get expert advice and we are trained to do so!

If you live in the Southport area and need a driving instructor that strives to make all of his student great drivers with an added bonus of an interesting claim to fame, contact Sam Jackson at or visit his Facebook page to find out more about him!

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