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InsureLearnerDriver | February 18, 2019

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Bad Driving Habits All Drivers Should Avoid

Bad Driving Habits All Drivers Should Avoid
George Trout
  • On October 4, 2016

We’ve looked already looked at Good Driving Habits Learners Can’t Afford To Forget, but there are also bad driving habits that ALL drivers should avoid doing. Here is a list of 7 driving habits that all drivers should avoid.


1) Resting your arm on the gear shift

Keep both hands on the wheel unless changing gears. Firstly, it will provide more control over the car; secondly, leaving your hand rested on the gear shift puts unnecessary weight and strain on it, damaging the components.

2) Carrying too much weight

Carrying around unnecessary extra weight has its negative effects. It lowers your fuel economy and can damage the suspension of the car. Not to mention it probably means you’re carrying around items that take up unnecessary space.

3) Braking hard unneccasarily

The less strain you can put on your brake pads the better. Hard braking seriously wears out brake pads, so hard braking when it is otherwise avoidable is not good. Aim for smooth gradual stops or you may find your brakes failing when a real emergency arises.

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4) Having only a small amount of petrol in your tank

We’re not saying make sure your tank is constantly full to the brim, but driving around, running on fumes, can lead to costly repairs. Modern fuel pumps thrive when submerged in fuel, so running on empty causes them to heat up and wear out quicker.

Top Tip: Once a quarter (every three months) fill up with premium unleaded to flush out your tank.

5) Switching to drive from reverse before completely stopping

It may be tempting to quickly switch from reverse to drive, particularly if you’re trying to turn in a hurry. Be aware that doing this places strain on the car’s drivetrain.

6) Pushing on the brakes when rolling down hill

Keeping your foot lightly pressed on the brake pedal when rolling down hill causes heat and friction to build up on the brake pads. A better alternative is to switch to a lower gear and use engine breaking to slow your descent.

7) Ignoring warning signs

We understand that nobody wants to find a fault in their car, but ignoring the early warning signs of a problem can lead to an even bigger one down the line. If you’re worried about wasting your money on an inspection, get a second opinion from a friend or family member before going to a garage.

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