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InsureLearnerDriver | July 9, 2020

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Cars as Standard Battle Royale – Kia vs Citroen vs Hyundai

Cars as Standard Battle Royale – Kia vs Citroen vs Hyundai
George Trout
  • On April 21, 2017

When looking for a new car, you’ll try to get the most for your money. We’ve compared three cars as standard, which all offer quite a bit to a young and learner driver, looking for a new car.

In today’s battle royale – the Kia Picanto 1 Air 1.0 litre, the Citroen C1Touch 1.0 Litre and the Hyundai i20 S 1.2 litre.

Learner Driver Insurance for These Cars as Standard

It’s a close match up between these 3 cars when it comes to the price for learner driver insurance. Much like its brother, the Hyundai i10, the i20 is a safe, reasonably priced, learner friendly car. As a result, it marginally comes out with the cheapest price for learner driver insurance (Hyundai i10 costs £83 for a month). The Kia is just behind at £84, and the Citroen isn’t far behind either (Citroen C1 costs £87 for a month). 

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hyundai vs citreon vs kia - learner insurance

Young Driver Suitability

All three of these cars offer value for money to young drivers. Each are priced for less than £10,000 – from new. The cheapest is the Citroen C1, but despite being the cheapest, you don’t miss out on technology. It has Hill start assist, electronic stability control and a trip computer.  However, the increased price on the other two cars does seem to offer you a few more features. For example, the Hyundai i20 has a Tyre pressure warning system and Speed sensitive automatic door locking. The Picanto has Electronic brake force distribution and brake-assist system.

In terms of power they are all relatively equal, but the Citroen C1 does have a little less torque than the other two. This may make getting up to speed on motorways and dual carriageways a little more challenging in the C1. It’s also not the most fuel efficient, that honour goes to the Kia Picanto.

What’s quite spectacular about the Hyundai is its huge boot capacity, with 326 litres of boot space. This completely out shines the other two, which both have more than 100 litres less available boot space. The Hyundai i20 goes for simplicity in its design, to ensure there is no wasted space. Although, to be honest, if you simply fold down the seats in the C1 you’ll have more than enough space. It’s only problematic if you have rear seat passengers too.


stats hyundai vs citreon vs kia - learner insurance

What’s on Offer?


  • Technology – The Picanto is the only one to offer air conditioning as standard. The Citroen has vehicle control covered, offering variable power assisted steering. Surprisingly there’s not much special tech for the Hyundai i20, except for perhaps interior compartment and luggage lights.
  • Safety – Safety is where the Hyundai i20 shines. It has a Perimeter alarm and Impact sensing auto door unlocking. Citroen really puts you in control with multiple braking assist functions and Cornering stability control. The Picanto, though lacking anything special, does come with a standard selection of good safety features but all of which you can get on the other two cars.
  • Style – The Hyundai is the only car to come with 15″ steel wheels as standard, whereas the other two have 14″ wheels. A bonus for the Kia is it has tinted glass to, keeping bright lights from obstructing your view.


  • Technology – Kia offers a rear seat entertainment cradle; the Citroen offers a system dock. Unfortunately, apart from installation kits, there’s not much else that comes as a tech extra option for the Hyundai.
  • Safety – Anti theft bolts are an optional accessory for the Citroen; the Picanto offers rear bumper protection and an entry guard and the Hyundai offers you a wind deflector.
  • Style – For the Picanto, you can get sporty mirror decals added. On the Citroen, you can get roof graphics and the Hyundai offers internal additions like a boot liner to protect it from dirt and grime.


Hyundai i20

Auto Express – Sharp styling, spacious interior, well-equipped

WhatCar? – it offers a roomier interior than almost anything else at the price

AutoCar – If you’re looking for a practical, well-made supermini with generous kit levels

Kia Picanto

Auto Express – Plenty of kit, cheap to buy and run, seven-year warranty

WhatCar? – All Picantos get a generous list of standard equipment

AutoCar – The most mature car in its class. Great ride, running costs and style

Citroen C1

Auto Express – Easy to drive, good acceleration, reasonably priced

WhatCar? – Citroen offers some attractive deals that feature very low monthly payments.

AutoCar – The Citroen C1 has been usefully updated and shows a decent turn of performance

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