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InsureLearnerDriver | July 9, 2020

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Cars as Standard – Honda Jazz vs. Peugeot 208

Cars as Standard – Honda Jazz vs. Peugeot 208
George Trout
  • On March 31, 2017

As a young and learner driver, it’s important to get as much as you can for what you pay for. That is why we’ve taken two cars as standard and seen what they have to offer.

Today we’re comparing the Honda Jazz S 1.3 litre against the Peugeot 208 Active 1.2 litre. For more great cars as standard, see our Top 10 list.

Learner Insurance

When considering the price of learner insurance, you can see that the Peugeot has the price advantage, being almost a whole £10 cheaper per month (costing £87). Due to the bigger engine and larger top speed, the Jazz has a larger insurance price (costing £98). These prices are based on a 20-year-old learner, who owns their own car, living in Potters Bar.

More information on Learner Insurance available here.

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honda jazz vs peugeot 208 - learner insurance

Young Driver Suitability

If you are still tentative with the pedals, or your nerves can sometimes can the better of you, you’ll be happy to know the Honda Jazz S has ‘active city stop’. This assists braking in tight traffic queues – when you are in danger of hitting the car in front at low speeds.

Another fantastic feature for the Honda Jazz as standard, is Idle Stop. This cuts the engine out when you’re at a standstill in order to conserve fuel.

Peugeot have instead invested in their PureTech engine technology, which is designed to maximise fuel efficiency whilst maintaining a high level of performance. Who says an economical car can’t still be fun to drive?

The Peugeot and Honda both have cool features that could save you from a brush-in with the law. As standard, they both have a tyre pressure warning system (so you won’t be stopped for under inflated tyres), and a speed limiter (so you won’t accidentally exceed the speed limit). The Peugeot does also have a third feature – a seat belt reminder and alarm (so you won’t get pulled over for forgetting to put on your seat belt).

honda jazz vs peugeot 208 stats - learner insurance

What’s on offer?


  • Technology – Both have DAB, AUX and USB connectivity, but only the Jazz offers 4 speakers, the Peugeot only has 2. You can also control those 4 speakers in the Jazz with its steering wheel controls.
  • Safety – Both offer remote central locking, hill start assist, electronic stability and air bags (both with cut off capabilities). The Peugeot offers a bit more impact safety, as it has 3 rear head rests for passengers.
  • Style – The Jazz has ‘magic seats’, which completely fold upwards for maximum storage space. To keep your hands comfortable, the Peugeot offers leather trim on the steering wheel.


  • Technology – The Jazz offers Honda’s 3D sound system, really giving you the most out of your music. In the Peugeot, you can get 3D navigation with voice control, making sure you know exactly where you’re going.
  • Safety – Reversing cameras are an option on both. In the Jazz, you can opt for fog lights (this is also available in the Peugeot). You can also opt for city stop in the Peugeot, but it’s standard in the Jazz.
  • Style – Up to 11 optional colours on both, the Jazz offers the driver some additional bumper protection and sporty pedals for extra grip too.


Honda Jazz

Auto Express – Best-in-class for space, lots of standard kit, slick manual gearbox

WhatCar? – The well-built Honda Jazz offers class-leading space and practicality

AutoCar – This latest version is no measly refresh; from the ground up it’s all new

Peugeot 208

Auto Express – Good looking, well equipped, refined and economical engines

WhatCar? – The Peugeot 208 is classy, well equipped and efficient

AutoCar – Leaner materials make the 208 considerably lighter than the 207

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