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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Cheap to Insure Cars – Fiat 500 vs. Fiat Panda

Cheap to Insure Cars – Fiat 500 vs. Fiat Panda
George Trout
  • On October 6, 2016

If you’re learning to drive or have now qualified as a young driver, there are a great number of cheap cars for you to own and get insured on.

As part of our ‘Top 10 Cheap to Insure Cars’ we’re going to compare two Fiat models, the Fiat 500 Pop 1.2 and the Fiat Panda Pop 1.2. Both are quite affordable, similar sizes and produce almost equal levels of power. But, what does one have that the other doesn’t?

fiat 500 vs the fiat panda

Learner Driver Insurance

If you are still a learner driver, you’re probably aware of Fiat’s range of low cost cars. In terms of owning one to learn to drive in, there is a slight difference in the insurance price. With the Fiat 500 you may spend around £91 for a month of learner driver insurance and with the Panda you may only be spending £87.

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Young Driver Suitability

Starting off with on-the-road price from new, the Panda is the most cost effective, and surprisingly this hasn’t lessened it’s overall power. On the other hand the Fiat 500 has a much more impressive urban fuel efficiency. This may be partly due to the Panda’s more gradual acceleration speed (0-62 time for the Panda is 14.2 secs and for the 500 it’s 12.9 secs) and overall the 500’s a slightly smaller scale.

Both Fiat models have more economic engine types (the Dualogic and ECO) that will increase your MPG but won’t ruin the car’s overall power.

If you were looking for a second hand car we’ve found plenty of Fiat Panda’s available on Autotrader for around £2000 – £3500 that aren’t too old and have decent mileage. For a Fiat 500 the price was a little higher, averaging £3500 – £5000 for the same age/mileage as the Panda. When looking at older models the basic range is known as ‘Active’ instead of ‘Pop’ but be sure to check it has all the additional features that you are looking for.

fiat 500 vs panda image 2

What’s On Offer?


  • Technology – the technology available for the Panda Pop is very limited and comes really with only the essentials. As standard the 500 has a lot more to offer.
  • Safety – The Panda, though lacking in standard equipment, does have all the vital safety features (ABS, stability control, anti-whiplash head restraints). The 500 has a few more safety features as standard, including auto hazard lights which come on after you perform an emergency stop.
  • Style – The 500 has arguably more style compared to the Panda’s cubish design and limited body colour options. The 500 also has a few extra nice touches, like chrome plated door handles.


  • Technology – When you start adding to the Panda it becomes a much more comfortable experience for the driver, as you can get air con and a better audio system. All of which the 500 can get too and more in fact. You can really kit out the entertainment system in the 500 with Bluetooth, USB connectivity, Aux-in and DAB radio.
  • Safety – Where the 500 can have more safety ‘tech’ fitted, such as rear parking sensors, the Panda seems to just offer more safety ‘fixtures’ (2 Rear head restraints, Front Side airbags).
  • Style – The 500 Pop trim is very customisable, from the alloy on the wheels to the colour of the dashboard. The Panda can also be customised in similar ways but the range is far more limited. Even with optional extras, the Panda Pop only has 4 available body colours.


Fiat 500

Auto Express –  remains an ideal city car choice for fashion-oriented buyers

WhatCar? – There are cheaper and better-driving city cars, but the 500 is more stylish and competent enough in most areas.

AutoCar – The Fiat 500 is a small, cheap, utilitarian car that has become an icon

Fiat Panda

Auto Express – doesn’t always match that of more premium rivals, but the latest Panda is developing an excellent reputation for reliability

WhatCar? – The Fiat Panda is an appealing and cheap-to-run city car

AutoCar – the cheapest model and is also probably the best all-rounder.

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