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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Cheap to Insure Cars – Toyota, Skoda and SEAT battle royale

Cheap to Insure Cars – Toyota, Skoda and SEAT battle royale
George Trout
  • On November 2, 2016

If you’re learning to drive or have now qualified as a young driver, there are a great number of cheap to insure cars for you.

In our final match up of the ‘Top 10 Cheap to Insure Cars’ we’re going to compare three small hatchbacks, the Toyota Aygo X-play 1.0, the Skoda Citigo SE 1.0 and the SEAT Mii Design 1.0. Each car in this comparison is not the absolute basic model and each are stepped up a gear.

Learner Driver Insurance

The Aygo is the most expensive for a learner driver, costing around £91 a month, as opposed to Mii and Citigo’s £87 estimate. This is probably due to the Aygo’s higher initial price tag and slightly higher power outage. The Citigo and Mii both sit around 60 bhp, the Aygo has 69 bhp.

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seat vs toyota vs skoda

Young Driver Suitability

Again going back to price, if you’re looking for a low initial spend the Aygo may be the one to stay away from; a new Mii is over £1500 cheaper than a new Aygo. However, if you can see yourself doing lots of long journeys the Aygo has the advantage on fuel efficiency. Toyota also offers a whopping 5 year warranty on all their cars, compared to SEAT and Skoda who only have 3 year warranties. But SEAT does has a 2 year warranty for factory fitted car accessories.

Got any camping trips or journeys back to uni? The Aygo & Mii have the best boot capacity. If you want to avoid bumps and knocks in the car park, again look towards the Aygo as it is the most compact out of the three.

If you were looking for a second hand car there’s a lot on offer through Autotrader. We wouldn’t recommend looking at models older than 5 years. With that in mind you can get a decent Aygo from £2,000 – £3000; a Citigo from £3000 – £4000 and a Mii from £4000 – £5000. Please note models offered on Autotrader may not entirely match the models we’re discussing in this article, so please do check the vehicle’s details and specs before purchase.

the stats for a seat a toyota and a skoda

What’s On Offer?


  • Technology – The SEAT Mii mentions mobile integration. When you connect to the Drive Mii app the driver can get TomTom Satellite navigation and Eco Trainer. The Citigo has an ‘Infotainment-device’, which is similar to the Aygo’s ‘x-media system’, however in both the Citigo SE and Aygo x-play you can only get the option to have it fitted, having these devices actually installed as standard is reserved for higher model levels.
  • Safety – Neither of the 3 models differ much in the safety they can provide, all with equal numbers of airbags, safety features (tyre pressure warning, ABS). But It is worth mentioning that the Aygo does have a speed limiter, which you can engage at any given time. This is great if you have a Telematics box and you often have trouble controlling your speed.
  • Style – In terms of colour choice don’t expect too much from your interior in all 3. In each you’ll be looking at either black or grey interiors. The Mii has the most varied body colour choices, with 3 bright primary colours of Red, Yellow and Blue.


  • Technology – Kit out your Mii sound system with a Boot-mounted sub woofer and a 300 watt amplifier. Feel secure with Aygo’s x-media system with rear view camera. Take advantage of the Portable infotainment device capabilities in the Citigo.
  • Safety – Again there isn’t much to differentiate between the 3 models. The most notable thing is that the Aygo can offer you safety assist and lane departure. The Citigo can only offer safety assist and the Mii can offer neither.
  • Style – Pay a little bit more for your Citigo and you have the option to lower your suspension, making for a much sleeker drive. The Aygo can whack on some snazzy panel paint jobs and colour your wheel alloys. The Mii is a bit more limited but it does have the Alcantara Upholstery Pack, which Includes part-Alcantara sports seats and a centre rear headrest.



Toyota Aygo

Auto Express – Lively 3 cylinder engine, bold styling, agile handling.

WhatCar? – Only one engine – a nippy and frugal 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol

AutoCar –  The first-generation Aygo has proven itself a fine starter car for Toyota

Skoda Citigo

Auto Express – One of the most desirable, well engineered and intelligently designed city cars

WhatCar? – Fundamentally the same car as the Seat Mii and VW Up, but is cheaper to buy

AutoCar – The Skoda Citigo is a well-packaged, capable and stylish city car.


Auto ExpressThe auto box and five-door body add yet more strings to the Mii’s bow

WhatCar? – Excellent ride and handling, economical engines and solid-feeling interior

AutoCar –  The Mii takes Seat back to the happy hunting ground of city cars


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