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InsureLearnerDriver | May 21, 2019

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Crazy Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test

Crazy Reasons People Fail Their Driving Test
George Trout
  • On February 10, 2017

There are some crazy reasons people have failed their driving test.

In many situations, drivers fail their driving test because of a lack of prior practice. InsurelearnerDriver works to combat that issue by offering our customer’s affordable learner driver insurance, so they can practice their driving for as long as they need (as long as they have an appropriate accompanying driver with them –  see our acceptance criteria).

Last year Buzzfeed released an article explaining some of the bizarre reasons people failed their driving test. We thought we’d re-share our favourites from that list with you.

What’s a ‘3-Point Turn’?

A clear example of how a lack of practice can lead to failure. Clearly this learner driver didn’t cover everything with their learner driver insurance before taking their test. When asked to perform a 3-point turn, what did they do? Confused, they just drove in a circle 3 times and hoped that was right.


‘We Can’t Stop’, but This Girl Should Have!

During this test, the learner gets mistaken for world famous pop star Miley Cyrus. She ended up so shocked by the comparison that she stopped paying attention to the road and drove right over a set of cones. The real question – was the girl happy or irritated by the instructor’s mistake?


Sleeping Like a Baby

What do you do when your heavily pregnant driving test instructor falls asleep during your test? Well – you fail apparently, especially if you drive off the intended path because you don’t know where to go. The car’s GPS noticed that the learner went completely off course during the test, which lead to them receiving a fail mark. In a  gesture of goodwill, the learner and instructor just agreed to say that they had to divert from the course during the test (due to construction on the roads). Otherwise, she would have probably been fired.


Don’t Forget the Basics

This learner had it all under control. At the end of the test the instructor compliments them saying it was the best driving test they had ever been on. The learner confidently ruffles his own hair and brazenly says ‘so, do I pass?’. Surprisingly, the answer was, no. Why you may ask? Although he did so well, you will still fail if you forget to put your seat belt on.


Instructor Gives the Cold Shoulder

Most people who get in a freezing cold car instinctively look to turn the heating on full blast, not this learner driver. In fact, his failure to turn the heating on left the instructor shivering in their seat and with enough of an incentive to fail them.

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