Driving Instructors Reveal Their Funniest Driving Lesson Stories

There are things that happen to all learner drivers whilst on their lessons, for example, accidentally stalling the car once (or eight times) or temporarily forgetting what your left and rights are.

However, sometimes there are bizarre- one off incidents that just cannot be explained.

We’ve teamed up with driving instructors from all around the country to find out their funniest moments whilst on the road with their students.

A very ruff first driving lesson…

There are plenty of things that are expected to happen when you’re learning to drive, but there are certain situations that driving instructors can’t prepare you for. 

“Let’s set the scene, it’s my student’s first ever driving lesson, we are parked up on a very quiet road with a large 20 foot bush to our left, with a small pavement between us. It’s completely free of traffic, a perfect starter road.

My student is rather nervous, but we are now ready to try the first ever short drive. We’ve gone through all the techniques and we’re ready for anything the road could throw at us.

But, what we didn’t expect after setting off, and pushing to a shabby 10mph is- not one, not two but three tiny Jack Russell’s, that came flying under the bush, across the pavement and surround the car, followed by their owner who simply jumped through the bush in some type of X-Men style move, creating her own gate in the process.


My student made an interesting sound followed by an instinctive emergency stop movement- I had just noticed the first dog’s tiny head a micro second before and was able to start the process of controlling the stop.

Thankfully all the dogs were avoided and unharmed but the owner realised, bushes don’t take too kindly to being jumped through. “

– Ollie

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The girl who couldn’t bear to be late…

Sometimes funny things happen before you’ve started the engine. When John Lendrum from Lendrums Driving School picked up his student, he was in for quite the shock! 

“I was once teaching a student to drive. I was sat waiting for her and when she got in the car- I was stunned!


To my surprise- she was wearing a bear onesie! I was gobsmacked and had to say ‘interesting choice of clothing for your lessons’.

She then told me that she had been out the night before and didn’t want to be late for the lesson, so she grabbed the first thing she could and came straight to the car!
I sent her back indoors to get changed and just couldn’t stop myself from giggling!”

John @ 

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Please donut do that again…

Sometimes learner drivers are so focused on the road ahead of them, that they make little mistakes that have major consequences, as Dharmesh from Hyper Driving School found out…

“So I was with a student on a lesson and we were calmly driving on a dual carriageway at 50mph, at around 8pm.

Everything was going well when suddenly, out of nowhere- the handbrake appeared to have been pulled up!

The car then swerved sideways into the middle lane, Tokyo Drift style!


It turns out that the learner was innocently trying to change into the next gear, but instead of grabbing the gear stick, pulled the handbrake up!”

Dharmesh  @

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Pyjama Drama 

Seeing as a student is usually sitting next to the instructor during a driving lesson, it seems pretty difficult to lose contact with each other for 40 minutes. However, Saeed from SAE Driving School managed to do exactly that with his student! 

“I arrived and sent my usual ‘I am here’ text. She was a punctual pupil but on this occasion I had to knock on her door, which was answered by her mother. She recognised me and with a perplexed expression informed me that she was still in bed and offered to wake her up.


I return to the car thinking that it would most likely take her 20 minutes to get ready for her lesson, but to my surprise she jumped into the car wearing her pyjamas. This was, and still is, a first for me. But, I decided it would be best to progress with the lesson, as it was only an hour and a half long.

We drove for about 15 minutes and whilst practising a 3-point turn manoeuvre, she requested to use the toilet. It was my suggestion that we use the nearby restaurant and return to finish off the manoeuvre.

She quickly jumped out the car and into the restaurant and would not resurface for a further 40 minutes. I tried calling her number repeatedly to no avail, even asked a staff member to check their toilets to ensure she was still inside and waited.

When she did return- I learnt that she had been hiding out in the toilets! Turns out she was waiting for her crush and his mates to leave because she did not want to be seen by him ‘looking like THAT’.


Morale of the story, have an early night and never leave your house in your pjs!”

Saeed @

Safe and Easy’s Facebook Page 

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Learning to drive isn’t the easiest thing in the world and you’ll definitely make some mistakes along the way.

But, what’s important to remember is that this is the most perfect time to make those mistakes. The clue is in the name: “learner driver”.

It’s fine to make errors since you’ll be learning from each one, which enables you to become a safer driver.

A special thanks goes out to the driving instructors who collaborated with us on this blog post. Feel free to visit their websites if you are in need of driving lessons. 

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