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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Economical Cars, Battle Royale – Kia vs. Ford vs. Renault

Economical Cars, Battle Royale – Kia vs. Ford vs. Renault
George Trout
  • On February 17, 2017

In this final match up from our list of For more fuel efficient cars see our ‘Top 10 economical cars article‘. We are pitting 3 hatchbacks against one another.

All are fuel efficient but vary in price, engine size, and fuel type. Which one will sway you the most? Let’s find out…

Facing off today, the diesel Kia Rio SR7 1.1 CRDi ISG, the Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.0 Eco Boost and the Renault Clio Dynamique NAV 0.9 Tce Eco, both petrol.

Learner Driver Insurance

The cheapest and most fuel-efficient car for learners is the Kia Rio. It’s the cheapest to get insured on and it’s cheap to run. A month’s learner insurance is about £84 for a Rio. After the Rio, the Fiesta has the next best price for learner driver insurance (£91) and trailing in last place for learner driver insurance is the Clio (£98). We have based these prices on an Insurelearnerdriver, owner, 28-day policy. The proposer for these prices is based on a 20-year-old learner, and they are living in Potters Bar.

More information on Learner Driver Insurance available – Click here.

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versus image for kia rio vs ford fiesta vs renault clio for learner driver insurance

fuel efficiency for kia rio, ford fiesta and renault clio

Young Driver Suitability

In terms of initial spend, the Kia has the best price tag (£13,495) with the Ford and Renault sharing similar prices (both above £15,000). The Ford and Renault also share similar dimensions and top speeds (both have top speeds over 110 mph).

If you’re swayed by a great fuel economy, the Kia offers the best.

The version of the Kia Rio we’ve opted for in this comparison is the ‘special edition SR7’. Compared to the standard ‘Rio 1’, you get really nice extra features for comfort. These features include: a centre panel arm rest, leather trim features, and a ‘premium’ cloth interior. The Renault Clio Dynamique has leather trim on the steering wheel, and the Dynamique model variant also has the option for customisable features. These features include: customisable air vents, gear gaiters, door panels, and seat piping. The Fiesta has a leather steering wheel as well as a leather gear knob cover. It’s made to feel even sleeker with ambient lighting and a chrome finish on the doors.

All the cars have a good basis of safety equipment, such as: ABS, stability programmes and hill start assist. An interesting safety feature of the Renault is the built in window ‘pinch function’, which prevents the window from closing if something’s blocking it (e.g. a pet with its head out the window). The Ford goes a little further with its safety. It offers optional ‘city stop’, to prevent collisions at low speeds. They also have a cool feature known as ‘Ford – My Key’. This is an option where the driver can save certain driver settings and activate them when needed (e.g. setting a speed limiter, or setting audio levels when they’re driving). This is perfect if you share your vehicle with someone else who may have different driving preferences to you.

stats for kia rio vs ford fiesta vs renault clio

What’s On Offer?


  • Technology – All three have start-stop technology. The Clio and Fiesta also offer speed limiters, which the Rio SR7 model doesn’t.
  • Safety – All three have Hill Start Assist, Deadlocking, Central Locking. Ford’s ‘My Key’ system keeps you in control of your car’s preferred settings. The Renault has a unique ‘anti-pinch’ function for extra passenger safety.
  • Style – Keep your privacy on the road with the Rio SR7’s privacy glass windows, and feel special with its premium cloth seats. The Ford has ample storage space, whereas both the Renault and Ford have cool leather trim features. Disappointingly, however, the Renault Clio Dynamique does use synthetic leather.


  • Technology – The Rio doesn’t have extra technology. This is unlike the Ford, whereby you can get heated folding door mirrors and ‘puddle lights’. In the Renault, you can get western Europe mapping.
  • Safety – Parking sensors can be added to all 3 cars and the Ford can also offer ‘active city stop’ and a perimeter alarm.
  • Style – Metallic body paint is an option on the Rio, as well as sport mirror decals and 16″ alloys. For even more space in the already spacious Ford, you can opt for an adjustable ‘load floor’. With Renault’s ‘Horizon’ you get access to a panoramic sunroof and tinted windows.


Kia Rio

Auto Express – Still looks sharp, solidly built cabin, long warranty

WhatCar? – The Kia Rio is a decent supermini that has value on its side

AutoCar – The Rio is very well-priced and has an industry-leading warranty

Ford Fiesta

Auto Express – Attractive styling, fantastic to drive, cheap to run

WhatCar? – It’s great to drive and affordable to run

AutoCar – It blends strong economy, low emissions and strong handling

Renault Clio

Auto Express – Sharp styling, personalisation options, super-efficient engines

WhatCar? – The Renault Clio is a stylish, spacious and refined performer

AutoCar – The Clio has a smooth power delivery and an absorbent ride

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