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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Economical Cars – Toyota Yaris vs. Suzuki Celerio

Economical Cars – Toyota Yaris vs. Suzuki Celerio
George Trout
  • On January 25, 2017

Keeping costs down is something everybody can appreciate.

Having a good car, with a good fuel economy, can make your driving much more cost effective for the future. For more fuel efficient cars see our ‘Top 10 economical cars article‘.

Today we’ve paired off two cars that have great fuel economy, are reasonably priced, and have quite affordable learner insurance (and young driver insurance costs). The first car is the Suzuki Celerio SZ3 1.0 Dualjet, and the second car is the Toyota Yaris Icon 1.0 VVT-i.

Learner Insurance

Based purely on monthly learner insurance costs, the Yaris is going to provide the best rate at £84 a month (through At roughly £87 a month, the Suzuki is a tad more expensive. But, keep in mind the Yaris is considerably more expensive to buy. (Insurance Quotes were based on a 20 year, living in Potters Bar, who owns their car).

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toyota yaris vs a suzuki celerio - learner insurance

fuel efficiency for toyota yaris and suzuki celerio

Young Driver Suitability

The Suzuki is by no means under equipped, but when compared to the Yaris, the price gap does make sense.

On the Suzuki Celerio SZ3 you get the normal sort of features as standard, such as remote central locking and air conditioning, which the Yaris Icon has too. The Yaris also has soft leather features and helpful safety technology, like ‘rain sensing wind screen wipers’ and several air bags.

If you get the higher variant of the Celerio (the SZ4), you have access to more style and comfort features, but of course that increases the cost of the car and the most fuel-efficient engine is only available on the SZ3.

In terms of Warranty, all Toyota vehicles carry a 5-year warranty, whereas the standard warranty for Suzuki is 3 years.

Looking at fuel efficiency, it would appear the Suzuki has the advantage, though keep in mind the Yaris has more space and has a few extra electrical outputs to drain the fuel, so its fuel economy is undoubtedly going to be lower. Fuel is drained even more if you opt to add some of the Yaris’ optional extras too, like its ‘lane departure warning system’ or ‘automatic high beams’.

*Please Note if you want to use an alternative fuel type – the Yaris has a Diesel option (1.4 D-4D Diesel engine) but the Celerio only has petrol engines.

the stats for a toyota yaris and suzuki celrio - learner insurance

What’s on Offer?


  • Technology – With the Yaris Icon you get the ‘Toyota Touch’ system as standard, which includes a touch screen panel and a rear view camera. The car also has 6 speakers. The Suzuki has a DAB radio, but no camera, and just 2 speakers.
  • Safety – The Toyota has several safety technology features (hill start assist, vehicle stability control, emergency brake light signal, etc.). The Suzuki has an ‘electronic stability program’ and hill start too.
  • Style – The Toyota has a black and chrome lower front grille, 10 body colours, and indicator lights fitted to the door mirrors (which can also help signal turning intentions). The Suzuki has 6 body colours available and 14″ Alloy wheels.


  • Technology – Upgrading the ‘Toyota Touch’ system gets you Sat Nav, and it also allows you to connect to the internet through your phone. At the SZ3 variant, all technology features are added as standard.
  • Safety – With the ‘Toyota Safety Sense’, you can add a lane departure warning system as well as auto high beam functionality. At the SZ3 variant, all technology features are added as standard.
  • Style – Black leather is available on the Toyota and if you like your black you can get black gloss cover for the wheels too. The Suzuki doesn’t have lots of add-ons for style, apart from the option to add Black B-Pillar covers.


Toyota Yaris

Auto Express – Spacious interior, efficient engines, reliable

WhatCar? – The Toyota Yaris is spacious and well equipped

AutoCar – The car’s upgraded interior goes some way to giving it a premium feel.

Suzuki Celerio

Auto ExpressPracticality, standard equipment, low running costs

WhatCar? – The Suzuki Celerio is well equipped, frugal and surprisingly spacious

AutoCar – The little Suzuki is a pleasing car to drive, cheap to buy and decent to sit in

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