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InsureLearnerDriver | May 29, 2020

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Learner Driver Insurance, Easing The Costs After Christmas

Learner Driver Insurance, Easing The Costs After Christmas
George Trout
  • On December 29, 2016

We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, but with January now quickly approaching you may be painstakingly awaiting pay day after the cost of the festive season. Your New Year’s Resolution may be to pass your driving test or to start taking lessons, either way getting from a provisional licence to a full licence can end up being costly.

  • Lessons can cost anywhere from £18 – £25 per hour
  • Test Fees aren’t cheap either (£23 for a theory; £62 – £75 for a practical)

Learner Driver Insurance Saving You Money

Learner driver insurance may be able to help you ease the costs of learning to drive by offering a cost-effective method for learning. With Insurelearnerdriver’s learner driver insurance, if you meet our minimum criteria requirements (see here), you can be covered to practice your driving at any time, with anyone, for a great price.

Once covered on one of our comprehensive learner driver insurance policies you can practice for as many hours at a time that you need, providing it falls within the cover period you’ve opted for. So, whereas a lesson may only be 1 or 2 hours long and cost anywhere between £18 – £25 an hour with an Insurelearnerdriver policy you can practice for 1, 3 even 5 hours at a time!

How much does learner insurance cost? You’d be surprised actually how cost effective learner driver insurance is.

One Weeks Learner’s Insurance Maybe All You Need!

With a one week learner driver insurance policy you have over 100 hours of potential practice time. The cost of a 7 day policy will vary depending on an individual’s circumstance but after running our own test quote on an average 17 year old we found that it can cost only £43!

It is always advised to have some professionally taught lessons but not everyone can invest endless sums of money on numerous lessons, particularly right after Christmas. Combining professional lessons and private practice, with a close family relative or friend, is how we suggest you learn and save money!

Don’t give up on your ambitions, if you want to get your full licence there’s no better time to make the commitment than with the start of a New Year.

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