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InsureLearnerDriver | July 9, 2020

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Perfectly Balance Driving Lessons with Private Practice

Perfectly Balance Driving Lessons with Private Practice
George Trout
  • On March 23, 2017

If you are looking for a way to save money on your driving lessons, or just want another way to learn to drive, then private practice is a fantastic option.

Amongst the vast selection of driving schools and independent instructors out there you have probably got the cheapest instructor available, and they probably live in the same house as you.

Private practice, another way to learn

With the correct insurance cover in place, mum, dad, or a sibling, can take you out for a private ‘driving lesson’. InsureLearnerDriver’s learner driver insurance policies make it possible for you to take any one of these people out as your supervising driver.

Driving lessons usually cost anywhere between £8 – £15 an hour (depending on the instructor). If you were to have 40 hours’ tuition at £15 an hour, then you could end up spending £600 just on driving lessons.

Private Practice is not a replacement for driving lessons. However, if you used some of that tuition time to practise privately, you could cut your expenses dramatically.

How does private practice cut costs?

A week-long learner driver insurance policy with InsureLearnerDriver costs on average £37 (this amount will vary depending on your own personal details). With this cover period, you have over 160+ hours of cover to practise you’re driving. Because we don’t impose curfews or daily time restrictions, you can practise with mum, dad, or a sibling, for as many hours you want – at any time.

Tip 1 – Learn the foundations in lessons

Driving instructors are trained to have the most up to date knowledge about the driving test. Couple this with their years of experience and they make the perfect person to give you advice and direction about the foundations of driving and keeping you safe on the roads.

Once you understand the foundations, use your private practice sessions to perfect them. This will allow you to move on swiftly with your lessons (and get you test ready sooner).

Tip 2 – Private practice in-between lessons

It’s recommended to have around 40 hours driving training before taking your driving test. That is a lot of time, which could also mean a lot of waiting around in-between lessons.

Instead of waiting in-between lessons, and not practising, we would strongly recommend reinforcing your skills in-between lessons. Even if it’s just going to the supermarket with a parent, any practise is worth it.

Tip 3 – Night driving

You may find your driving instructor unable to offer night time driving sessions. It is important to practise this as it can be a daunting experience driving at night or trying to park with minimal street lighting.

If you get the opportunity to go out with somebody at night, it’s worth having a lesson or two.

Tip 4 – Explore places

You’re driving instructor may only take you on certain routes or locations that they know may come up on your driving test, with the aim of getting you test ready. When you pass your test you’re not going to only drive within these areas, you will have a whole country to explore. Once you’ve built up the confidence, you can take the opportunity to drive to new places.

Learning to drive is not cheap but getting in the right amount of tuition is essential. It will make you a more confident and well educated driver, making you more likely to pass your driving test first time. It will also better prepare you for the days after your test, when it will be up to you to make sure you are driving safely.

To do private practice you will need to get insured. See how much a learner driver insurance policy would cost you – Click here for a Quote


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