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InsureLearnerDriver | December 13, 2018

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The Benefits of Learner Driver Insurance Over Other Methods

The Benefits of Learner Driver Insurance Over Other Methods
George Trout
  • On January 20, 2017

Learner Driver Insurance is a method of insuring a provisional licence holder, so they can practice their driving with an accompanying driver.

There are several advantages to learner driver insurance. To show this we’ve compared it’s use to other ways of insuring a learner driver.

Insuring with a non learner driver insurance specialist

Getting your own insurance policy as a provisional licence holder can be difficult and expensive, if you’re not dealing with a specialist company. Insurers are often reluctant to insure a provisional licence holder, as provisional licence holders are more likely to have an accident. specialise in insurance for learner drivers. With us you can specify how many days cover you want and pay just for that cover period. If you only need a couple days cover, you can pay just for that amount of time.

Being a Named Driver on another person’s policy to practice

Provisional licence holders can be added as a named driver on another person’s car insurance policy. It generally works out cheaper than getting your own annual provisional policy, but there are a few disadvantages…

By adding a provisional driver to a policy, any claims they make count against the policyholder. This in turn damages the no-claims history of the policyholder.

Learner driver insurance is a separate insurance policy, in the name of the provisional licence holder. If the learner has an accident in the car stated on their insurance document, the claim is made against the learner driver insurance policy, not the annual insurance policy.

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Only using driving lessons to practice

On a driving lesson the driving instructor will have their own insurance, that covers the learner driver to drive their car.

Unfortunately driving lessons aren’t cheap, costing anywhere from £20 upwards, for an hour. Driving lessons are also limited to when the instructor is available to teach.

With learner driver insurance, providing you have an accompanying driver who meets the insurer’s acceptance criteria, you can go out and practice (see Insurelearnerdriver’s acceptance critera)

Learner driver insurance can also work out better value for money.

We got a quote on a 17-year-old living in Potters Bar with no previous driving experience. They received a learner driver insurance quote, for a 1 day policy, of just £12. For only £12 that learner driver would be covered to practice their driving all day long, as long as they are accompanied by a suitably qualified driver.

Deciding not to learn

Though this may save you from paying all the costs that come with learning to drive, it means you don’t have the freedom and enjoyment that comes with being able to drive.

Learner driver insurance is a great way to learn to drive, in a cost-effective manner. Get your own quote and see how much a policy would cost you.

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