The Simple Steps to One Day Learner Driver Insurance

When learning to drive, there are many ways that a one day learner driver insurance policy can help you out.

InsureLearnerDriver provides temporary cover for practising in a borrowed car, which ranges from 1-140 days, meaning you can purchase a policy that suits your routine.

Perhaps you only have the chance to practice for one day, you can take out a policy for that long. Don’t lock yourself into an unnecessarily long policy, which some companies may push you into. Also, you can easily come back and insure yourself for another day when the time suits you.

What an InsureLearnerDriver One Day Learner Driver Insurance Policy Can Offer You:

To highlight just how easy it is to get one day learner driver insurance, we’ve broken it down for you:

1. Get a Quote

We’ve worked hard to streamline the process of getting one day learner driver insurance, and one of the main ways we have is with our website. You can get a quote, buy online and start driving straight away. Many of our customers have complimented how quick and easy the process is!

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By running through our quote process, it will also ensure that you are eligible for the policy.


2. Pay for your policy

Once you have filled out all of the relevant information, all that’s left to do is make your payment for your one day learner driver insurance policy.

As soon as you have paid, you should get the insurance documents emailed to you as soon as possible. We advise that you print these documents before going for your drive.

3. Get Driving!

Congratulations! You now have comprehensive cover to practice on a borrowed car!

Remember, in order to practice your driving, you must have an accompanying driver in the passenger seat.  They must hold a full UK, EEA or EU driving licence for a minimum of 3 years and be over the age of 25.

Accompaniment by a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved driving instructor or a DVSA qualified examiner is also permissible.

Click here for more information on our accompanying driver acceptance criteria

That’s how simple it is to get one day learner driver insurance for practising driving in a borrowed car.

Whether you need to squeeze in an extra day of driving practice, or cover for your actual driving test, our one day learner driver policy is perfect for you!

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