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InsureLearnerDriver | January 24, 2019

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Weekly Cover

Learner Driver Insurance Weekly

Learning to drive can be expensive and many learners will find that their paid driving lessons with an instructor simply won’t give them enough experience on the roads to become confident drivers without costing them a small fortune.

At Insure Learner Driver we have helped thousands of learner drivers improve their skills through regular practice as a result of being insured on a family member’s vehicle with weekly provisional car insurance.

Affordable Weekly Car Insurance for Learner Drivers

A lot of learners will find that because of their provisional licence, it is extremely expensive to be added to a family member’s or friend’s insurance policy.

At Insure Learner Driver, however, we offer separate learner driver policies for our 7 day learner driver insurance. This means that the insurance is taken out in the learner driver’s name and in the event of an accident, your no claims bonus will not be affected.

Get More Experience with Temporary Learner Insurance

Learner drivers can find it really difficult to get enough time on the roads to really develop their skills due to the expensive driving lesson costs. While taking driving lessons is a great way to learn, by becoming insured on a family member’s or friend’s vehicle you can spend much more time on the roads for the same price.

Cut Costs with Weekly Learner Driver Cover

At Insure Learner Driver you can get learner driver insurance weekly right up to 140 days without affecting the no claims bonus on the vehicle’s initial insurance policy. If, on the other hand, you already have your own vehicle we can arrange an annual policy from under £500 which gives you the chance to start building your own no claims bonus and save on future policies once you’ve passed your test.