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InsureLearnerDriver | May 27, 2020

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InsureLearnerDriver FAQs

Can I drive the car by myself?

No, you must have a qualified driver siting next to you aged over 25 and holding a full UK, EEA or EU driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

Does the car have to be insured elsewhere?

To practice in somebody else’s car, yes – and the vehicle must remain insured for the duration of the InsureLearnerDriver policy.

To practice in your own car, that is owned and registered in your name, the car does not have to be insured elsewhere.

If the car is already insured elsewhere on an annual policy and I take a temporary learner policy through InsureLearnerDriver, is this classed as ‘dual insurance’?

No, the InsureLearnerDriver temporary learner policy is a separate independent policy offering cover only for when the learner driver is using the car. For ‘dual insurance’ to take place the same vehicle, driver/s & usage would have to be covered under two separate insurance policies.

How can I contact you?

Simple, just click on the ‘Contact Us’ tabs throughout the Website. You can also call us on 01707 624 785 from 9:00 – 5.00pm Monday – Friday and 9.00 – 1.00pm Saturday. 

Can I take out a policy if I am over 30?

Sorry no. Our range of policies differ the age groups they are available for – the quote system will confirm which policy type you are acceptable for but none of them cover Learners over 30 years of age. 

Will you insure me if I have convictions?

Please refer to our Acceptance Criteria page from the Main Menu

Is it possible to make any amendments after insurance has been purchased?

No, once payment has been authorised you are unable to make any changes or alterations to the information you have originally provided.

Can I take out insurance cover if I am under 17?

No. We only provide insurance cover for learner drivers aged between 17 – 30. 

Can I insure myself in a vehicle that is greater than the new group 28?

Sorry no, we can only provide insurance cover for vehicles that are listed.

If I am involved in an accident whilst driving somebody else’s car, will this affect the main insurance policy?

If you have purchased cover to practice in somebody else’s car, no. This is a separate ‘top up’ policy that will not affect the main policy, should an incident occur whilst the learner is driving the vehicle with a qualified accompanying driver.

Can I take out insurance for more than one car?

Yes you can. You will need to purchase a separate policy for each vehicle.

Can I change the policy cover to a different car?

No, you will need to purchase a separate policy.

Can I get insurance cover for periods of less than 28 days?

If you purchase cover to practice in somebody else’s car, yes. Cover is available from 1-140 days.

Can I get Annual Insurance cover?

Yes – but only on  a car registered & owned by yourself. The age limits for this type of cover is 17-25 years.

If I am about to purchase a car the following day and want an Owners Learner policy, can I answer the question ‘Do you own the vehicle’ positively prior to completing the purchase?

Yes – you should time & date the policy commencement to match, or be just prior to, the time & date it will be actually owned by you.

Can I change the name of a permitted driver on my insurance certificate?

No. We are unable to make any changes once the insurance documents have been generated.

Can I add a qualified driver to my policy?

No, we only provide insurance cover for one Provisional Licence holder.

Will the insurance cover be valid if the Driving Examiner is with me during my driving test?

Yes, the policy covers you to take your driving test, provided this occurs during the cover period, and the DVSA Driving Examiner is acceptable as your ‘accompanying driver’.

Can I insure myself in a vehicle worth more than £25,000?

Sorry no, we do not cover this.

What are your Complaint Procedures?

We follow the procedures set out by our parent company Sky Insurance. View the attached Word document for our Complaints Procedures – see our Terms of Business page.

How can I add Extra Days to my policy

You cannot make any changes to the insurance contract once cover has started. If you need any further days cover, you will need to arrange a new policy for the number of extra days you require.

Do you offer a free courtesy car on these policies? 

We do not offer the use of a courtesy car on the any of our learner driver policies. 

If I’m purchasing a borrowed car policy but the annual policy renewal date is during the policy period – can I still get insured?

We would advise to use next year’s renewal date & if the annual policy details change, call us and we can note the file. As long as the vehicle is insured annually elsewhere, we can provide cover on borrowed vehicles.