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InsureLearnerDriver | February 27, 2020

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One Day Learner Driver Insurance


one day learner driver insurance


If you are a learner driver aged between 17-30 looking to practice in a borrowed car for just a day, our One Day Learner Driver Insurance policy can help you. 

InsureLearnerDriver offers temporary cover which ranges from 1 – 140 days, which means you can get a policy that suits your needs.

Whether you want an extra day of practice before a driving test or just want to make the most of a sunny Saturday, we can cover you.


What Our One Day Learner Driver Insurance Policy Offers:

  • Instant comprehensive cover available online
  • Cover for cars up to group 29 with a current market value up to £25,000*
  • Independent separate ‘top up’ policy for learner – avoids risk to the car owner’s No Claim Bonus
  • Immediate online delivery of printable insurance documents

*All cars are rated between groups 1-50 for insurance purposes. If the car is over group 28 you will be notified during the quote process.


Getting Insured for the Day

We’ve made the procedure of getting one day learner driver insurance as simple as possible, so you can get out there and practice as soon as possible.

Our simple application process will ensure you are eligible for the policy, to check these, visit our acceptance criteria page.

To get a price and arrange immediate cover, click on the button below.
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Accompanying Driver

You must have a qualified driver sitting next to you aged over 25 and holding a full UK, EEA or EU driving licence for a minimum of 3 years.

We have a set criteria for the accompanying driver:

  • Must be a Full Licence holder
  • Must be between 25-72 years of age
  • Must have held a Full UK, EEA or EU Driving Licence for a minimum of 3 years

Accompaniment by a Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved driving instructor or a DVSA qualified examiner is also permissible.


Cover For Your Driving Test

During your driving test

For the actual driving test itself, your insurance with InsureLearnerDriver is valid and covers you for your driving test, if it takes place within the period of cover. The test examiner is then classified as your ‘accompanying driver’.

If you pass the test

If you pass your test, then congratulations! From this point you will no longer be classed as a ‘provisional licence holder’.

Our parent company, Sky Insurance has an excellent Young Drivers Insurance Scheme, which offers several policies to suit newly qualified drivers. These include Black Box & Telematics policies. It’s best to call the Young Drivers Team to arrange instant cover for when you do pass.

Click here for more information on Sky Insurance’s Young Driver Scheme.

A one day policy (or policies with a cover period of 1-6 days) do not include the drive home from the test centre and ends immediately after you pass your driving test.
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