A note to the parents of learner drivers from InsureLearnerDriver

As the parents of learner drivers, you may feel anxious about lending your car to your son or daughter. We understand! Cars aren't exactly cheap and as a learner driver, they certainly aren't the most experienced person behind the wheel.

However, the fact you’ve reached this page means you know that private practice is hugely beneficial in the process of learning to drive. Not only to reinforce what a learner driver has been taught on a driving lesson, but to get as much experience of real life driving as they can.

In order to help your son or daughter out when it comes to learning to drive, firstly you’ll need insurance. This is where we come in. It’s widely misconstrued that the cheapest and easiest way to insure your child as a learner driver is to add them as a named driver on your main policy. However, there is a possibility to be subject to admin fees and premium prices rising, due to the increased risk. Not to mention if that anything happens whilst the learner is behind the wheel, it’s your insurance and your no claims bonus at risk.

Learner Driver Insurance – An easier alternative for the parents of learner drivers?

So, what’s your other options? Here's where InsureLearnerDriver comes in.

To define it simply; learner driver insurance is a stand-alone product that offers insurance exclusively to learner drivers. Meaning that the insurance policy is in the learner driver’s name and covers them solely for the purpose of private practice.

Here at InsureLearnerDriver, we offer two types of cover: one for those who are learning to drive in a borrowed car and one for learner drivers who have their own car.    

Will this policy affect my no claims bonus?

The owner of any borrowed car on cover with us need not worry about their no claims bonus. The policy is in the learner’s name only. If an unfortunate accident were to happen, the claim would come under this policy only, not the owner's policy.

How long can I get cover for?

For borrowed policies, we offer 1-140 days in policy duration, so you can choose a duration that suits their schedule best. For owner policies, we offer policies in duration from 1-5 months or on an annual basis.

Do I have to assist my child whilst they're practising in my car?

It is a requirement that all learner drivers who have purchased an InsureLearnerDriver policy drive with a supervising driver that fits our criteria. This doesn't have to be the owner of the borrowed car.  The supervising driver must be over 25 years of age and have held a full UK, EU or EEA driving licence for at least 3 years.

How do I get one of your learner policies?

We’ve tried our best to make the process of insuring a learner as simple as possible. Firstly, you can start by getting a quick quote.
All we need is a few pieces of information such as the learner’s date of birth, car registration, postcode and a few details about the policy you need. From there we’ll be able to give you a price.

Secondly, if you are happy with that price, you can proceed to give us a few more details and purchase.

We’ll send you the documents which you can print, and the policy holder can get out there and practice! It’s that simple! If you’re still unsure or have a few questions that are unanswered, please visit our FAQ page.


If you want to learn more about learning to drive and learner driver insurance you can check out our Learning to Drive and Learner Driver Insurance Page which answers any questions you might still have.