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InsureLearnerDriver | May 26, 2020

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What you should consider for when choosing your first car

What you should consider for when choosing your first car
Tina Playle
  • On May 3, 2019

One of the most exciting things you can do as a new driver, is choosing your first car. But sometimes, that decision can be a bit overwhelming at first.

So, we’ve decided to break down what you need to consider before purchasing your first car.


Your own budget

First and foremost, you need to set your budget. Now, we’re sure you’ve been warned, but being a new driver isn’t cheap. Not only do you have to fork out for the car, but the insurance and the fuel to run it too.

So, maybe you should wait a few more years until you get to fulfil your dreams of cruising in a BMW or Mercedes!

But don’t fret, there are ways to reduce the costs of your first car. Pre-owned and older models will be able to see you through your first few years of driving and they have a lot more character!


Size of the car

Most new drivers opt into choosing a smaller car due to price AND the fact they can sneak into smaller parking spaces…

However, if you need the extra boot space or regularly have several passengers, you can find a bigger car!

Think about your daily routines for the next year or so, and go off that.



More and more people are now opting into buying vehicles with automatic transmissions. Some find them easier to drive, some prefer to stick to manual.

If you pass your test in a manual car, the thought of buying and automatic might never have crossed your mind. But it doesn’t hurt to consider all your options. You’ll probably be driving your first car for a few years so make sure you don’t regret it!

Read our blog about automatic driving lessons here

Fuel consumption

In last week’s blog, we highlighted the importance of fuel consumption when it comes to being an eco-friendly driver.

You do not have to buy an electric or hybrid car if you’re conscious of climate change. Paying attention to fuel consumption when choosing your first car will be the first step to reducing your carbon footprint AND your cost of fuel!

Click here to read more about reducing fuel consumption

Choosing the insurance

Insurance for a first-time driver isn’t cheap. We know that not all new drivers are bad ones! But unfortunately, the statistics show that new driver are more likely to be involved in an accident and the insurance prices reflect that.

However, there are ways to reduce the cost of your first year’s insurance!

Black box policies give the opportunity to prove that you are a safe driver by installing a tracking device that sends information about your driving style to your insurer! Giving you an opportunity to earn rewards and a cheaper renewal price.

Our sister company Sky Insurance offers black box insurance for new drivers – and you can get your price in just a few seconds!

Click here to get a Sky Insurance Black Box quote

Owning your first car is a milestone, so make sure you’re confident in the choice you make!

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