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InsureLearnerDriver | February 16, 2019

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Learner Driver Insurance – You asked the questions and we answered them!

Learner Driver Insurance – You asked the questions and we answered them!
Tina Playle
  • On June 2, 2017

Let’s be real for a minute, car insurance isn’t the most thrilling subject. To new drivers it can seem extremely complicated and convoluted. So much so, that most learner drivers often pass over the deed to mum and dad to sort it out.

At InsureLearnerDriver, we’re constantly trying to simplify the process, whilst giving you a full understanding so you can take control of your insurance. So, we’ve taken some direct questions and issues that our customers have brought to us and we’re sharing our answers directly to you. What could be more open and honest than that?

Learner Driver Insurance – The Questions

During the underwriting process (the process of checking if you match our acceptance criteria from the details you have supplied), our system uses an algorithm to seek out any potential issues with the policy.

This case in particular, showed that there was no cover on the car in question in the previous 6 months, which implies the vehicle either had not been insured during that time or was registered as SORN (statutory off-road notification) which we do not cover.

All the details of our Acceptance Criteria can be found here.  



Our rates are fixed depending on the information you’ve entered. So, if you make a slight change to your details, or you specify different criteria required, your quote will change.

The price of your quote may also change due to factors such a; the type of car, length of policy, excess amount, or by purchasing an add-on product.



If you purchased a policy with a cover period of 7 days or over, the Insurance Company of those policies also covers you ‘for up to 3 hours to drive directly home to your usual home address following your Driving Test’.

Policies with a cover period of 1-6 days do not include this, meaning that they end immediately when you pass your driving test.

Click here to read more about insurance for your driving test.



We always send and track the emails containing the details of the policy to the customer. If it appears that you haven’t received the email, we advise checking your junk folder to see if the email accidentally landed there instead.

If it’s still missing, feel free to contact us to discuss the issue and we can arrange for it to be resent immediately.

In addition, we always urge our customers to double check they have supplied us with the correct email address before buying a policy.


More Information…

These questions have been brought to our attention by TrustPilot – to find out more about what our customers had to say about InsurelearnerDriver and our policies, visit our TrustPilot InsureLearnerDriver page.

To find out more for yourself, why not explore our website?

Click here for more information on LearnerDriverInsurance as an Owner.

Click here for more information on LearnerDriverInsurance in a Borrowed Car.

If you have any more questions, you can visit our FAQ page or email [email protected] 



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